VerandaGQ Living Room SET

VerandaGQ Living Room SET

New livingroom with a touch of him and a touch of her :) Full menu – Xcite Compatible

New. Young @ Heart.

Monochromatic,country,edgy,comfy all rolled into one. This bed is mesh and only 17 prims and has all that detail ! The bed set is displayed in the new Willoby Home and has all matching decor !

Mesh Canopy, only 17 prims. Blanket rezzes to tuck you in . Full menu, xcite compatible, coordinating room decor. Displayed in the  new Willoby Home !

Mesh Canopy, only 17 prims. Blanket rezzes to tuck you in . Full menu, xcite compatible, coordinating room decor. Displayed in the new Willoby Home !

The Willoby Home

A country home with a great structure, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. Clean, neat, open, & bright! Enjoy relaxing year round under the covered patio. Modern light fixtures in kitchen and bedrooms. Huge yard front and back.


Nice private backyard with tons of shade to unwind and relax. Very low on prims so is suitable for small family plots. Wonderful dinning area, and enough space for a gorgeous living room.
House prims: 139
Fence: 49
Want to see more about this house come on down and visit us :D

NEW zebra livingroom set

Take a walk on the wild side with the zebra-licious Primo Maple Living room set, featuring a fantastic tufted, zebra print microfiber fabric cover, Both versatile and stylish. the Zebra Pattern Sofa Bed by Coaster Furniture features a bright and bold zebra print chenille for a stunning accent with a soft, fabric feel.


Furniture  : Rumpled Zebra Rug-1 prim

Bellarose 2 Tone Leather Accent Storage Piece-13 prims

BellaRose – CrmZebraLeather LoveSeat Cuddles ONLY- 8 prims

BellaRose – CrmZebraLeather Chair Couples & Singles-6 prims

BellaRose – CreamLeather Sofa ZEBRA- Xcite Compatible-12 prims

BELLAROSE -  Rhonde Table – COPY-6 prims

Bellarose – COPY – Zebra Table Lamp-3 prims

Bellarose – Giraffe Floor Figurine – COPY- 3 prims

Bellarose – COPY – Lg MultiColor Floor Vases-3 prims

Bellarose Furniture – Chesapeke Fireplace-9 prims

Bellarose – Grouped Frames – Mod/Copy- 11 prims

Bellarose Furniture – Ivory Floor Plant*BR3-4 prims

Bellarose  – Tameron Chair – Multisits Blue- 9 prims

Designed to appeal to those with tastes for bold fabrics, this sofa sleeper features smooth pulled upholstery. Designed to accent with a bold and modern style. Provide your living room, bedroom, or office with a stylish update, courtesy of this zebra living room set.

Come on down and try the poses and see the set for yourself


Bellarose Verana bright livingroom set

I fell in love with the colors of this living room set, the colors reminded me of summer i enjoyed placing it down in my house within my TV room and it flowed so well with my walls. This living room set offers extra deep T-cushion design and comfort and  features a great contemporary look.


Bellarose VeranaBright Sofa – COPY – PG- 6prims

Bellarose – VeranaBright Chair – COPY-8 prims

Bellarose – Mission Coffee & MagazinesTable- 4 prims

Bellarose Mesh Rug Natural Orange-2 prims

Bellarose – Mission End Table – COPY- 2 prims

Bellarose leaning picture frame- 2 prims

Bellarose – White/Yellow Drapes – MESH-2 prims

This set is very low on prims and very detailed in texture, Comfort and style go hand-in-hand with this set.

Come on down and take a look :)

Bellarose Collada daybed set

Perfect for the guestroom or your bedroom, this daybed features a rolling trundle and boasts a durable wood construction with lavish upholstered frames, with elegant flare. The trundle sits on easy smooth rolling caster for convenient access.


BellaRose -Collada Sofa – COPY – PG-12 prims

Bellarose – Tan/Ivory Star Rug-2 prims

Bellarose – Collada Coffee Table Rustica-7 prims

Bellarose – Pair of wooden candlesticks- 3 prims

Bellarose – OpenBook – Copy-1 prim

Bellarose – Silver Plate of Cookies – Copy-3 prims

Bellarose – Collada End Table Rustica-7 prims

Bellarose – Vintage Brass Lamp-5 prims

Bellarose – Blanket Chair _BirdsNstars-9 prims

This daybed gave me life when i first saw it in the stores i fell in love and instantly had to add it. I added it to my guestroom and also added one in my babyroom, the poses are very smooth and sync and it also comes with a blanket that rezzes out with more couple animations.

But come on down and see for yourself im positive you will fall instantly in love like i did :)


The Veranaleaf living room set

Capturing the true excitement and style of Metro Modern design, the “Veranaleaf living room set” upholstery collection awakens any living area with a sleek contemporary beauty along side the plush comfort you’ve been searching for. the “Veranaleaf” upholstery collection is the perfect fit for any Metro Modern living room decor.


Features of this set:

Bellarose VeranaLeaf Sofa – COPY – PG-5prims

Bellarose – Mission Coffee & MagazinesTable- 4 prims

Bellarose Mesh Rug Blue/Natural-2 prims

Bellarose – Blanket Chair _BLUE Floral- 9 prims

Bellarose – COPY – GREY Table Lamp-3 prims

Bellarose – Mission End Table – COPY-2 prims

*Low prims for the prim savy like myself :D

Enhance the beauty and comfort of any living area with the traditional design of the “Veranaleaf” upholstery collection.



Bellarose taylore sofa set

Hey everyone,

Bella has been busy busy busy, she has released for us the taylore set. Mediterranean styling features classical carved elements such as scallop shells and acanthus leaf are gracefully formed on this couch.


Elements of this couch:

Bellarose Taylore Sofa – COPY – PG -5 prims

Bellarose – Taylore Chair- 2 prims

Bellarose White Leather Accent Storage Piece- 13 prims

Bellarose – COPY – GREY Table Lamp- 3 prims

BELLAROSE – White Rhonde Table – COPY- 6 prims

Bellarose Mesh Rug ORANGE/GREY-2 prims

Bellarose – COPY – Lg MultiColor Floor Vases- 3 prims

Bellarose Ceiling Lamp – COPY – White-12 prims

Comfort and style go hand-in-hand with the plush padded arms and supportive stitched back cushions all wrapped up in a soft upholstery fabric that makes the relaxed contemporary design of the “Taylore living room set” upholstery collection an exceptional addition to any home.


Hope to see you guys there :)

Brooky’s Bed PG

Okay i have a teenager who loves colors so when she saw this bedroom set she screamed that she had to have it, and it fits any room perfectly, the colors help to bring out a room.


Give your teen an opportunity for self-expression in their bedroom. Whether it’s a playful paint treatment, a funky chandelier or cool artwork, it’s important for her to have a say in the room’s decor.


The bright colors of this bedroom bring the tropic islands inside. The flower clocks throughout the room adds a fun, youthful look.


You can make even the smallest of spaces feel open and spacious with bright colors and contemporary bedding. The painting above the bed brings whimsy to the space.


Bellarose – BrookysBed – PG- 14 prims

Bellarose Furniture – RemiRetro Rug- 1 prim

Bellarose – Knotted Pine TallBoy- 4 prims

Bellarose – RemiRetro Table Touch on/off- 5 prims

Bellarose – Grouped Frames – Mod/Copy- 11 prims

Bellarose – RemiRetro Radio- 2 prims

Bellarose – Wall Storage Unit & Coat Hanger- 15 prims

Bellarose – Retro Wall Clock- 7 prims

Bellarose – Vintage Vanity- 10 prims


Come on DOWN and take a look, at this bedroom set, hope to see you soon!


Updated Mariner Home

Come on in and take a look at the Updated Mariner Home, with beautiful interior and exterior work!


Combining contemporary design features with eastern influence. The house has a private driveway, Soaring ceilings, multiple windows.


The house was also recently remodeled with mesh windows and doors,  a basement , new wallpapers , flooring, and hardwood floor in main living area.


Do you love to cook because i do, and this is what brought me to this home the KITCHEN, yes the kitchen is animated with utensils and also a wonderful saying above, me and my family had a blast making cookies and also cooking for the family.


Within the home you will find the newest bed to be released the CONTEMPO bed, which is 100% Mesh with only 14 prims! and even though this bed is MESH there is a blanket that rezzes when you go to lay in bed, for those who cant sleep without a blanket real like


The living room comes with a fireplace for those moments when you want to just have a story telling moment or catch up with friends and family on SL…or just have you Me,Myself and I moment, with a good movie or a good book.


  BellaVilla 2013 ~
by BellaRose

*House is copyable/modifiable
*Partial Mesh
*Prims = 198 ( House alone )
*2 Floors
*Dining Room
*Breakfast area
*Open Stair Case to second floor
*Open Balcony over looking livingroom
*1 bathroom
*2 Bedrooms
*Laundry Room
*Unfinished basement
*Fireplace in livingroom
*Back Deck
**light switches
*New rezzing system, faster, more efficient

Measures approx 30m wide, 40m deep, 1200 sqm


So come on Down and take a look, im POSITIVE that you will fall in love as fast as i did!




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