Alexa Dining SET

DinetteAnimated chairs for sits and meals. Rez meal selections

New !

Sofa2Face_001 Sofa2Face2_001 Sofa2Face3_001 wallSconce_001 Fireplace_005

MorrocanTable_001 MorrocanTable_002 MorrocanTable_003

Bookcase_001 Bookcase2_001 ChairCanopy_001

BenchHalloween_001 BenchHalloween2_001

Animated for 2 people

Fall2_001 GroupGift_001 FallSetup_001



ClockGear_002 chandelierBulb_001



We are SL's new premier building school, bringing you new techniques, ideas, inspiration. We also take great care in teaching from the ground up, the very begining, to give you the strongest foundations to begin your experience creating in SL.

::C'est la vie!::

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