Colorz living room set

Contemporary, minimalist design Extra soft padded seating Soft fabric upholds. Contemporary furniture; a furniture that has a new style, different from the old trend one.



The colors living room set is a match for any living room, The colors are coordinated very well, to match anything . This contemporary living room furniture set includes wonderful stitching, lush fabrics and a very comfortable headrest. Made of the highest quality fabric combined with the most durable material.



This Living room set consist of

BellaRose – CoLoRz Leather Sofa – Xcite Compatible-11 prims
Bellarose – CoLoRz Ottoman – MultiSits-7 prims
BellaRose – CoLoRz Leather Chair
Bellarose – Colorz Rug-2 prims
Bellarose – Grouped Frames – Mod/Copy-11 prims
Furniture – Large Vine Plant & Stand – Zebra-4 prims
Bellarose – Beige Drapes – MESH-2 prims
BellaRose Furniture Planter Iv2*-4 prims

Yes i will be down at the store today!!…Come on down and have some fun


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